Crate Digging – don’t do it

Crate digging is used by DJs and collectors to refer to the act of checking records in stores, flea markets, or thrift shops for second hand music on vinyl. It’s extremely boring.

These people will try and find the most obscure or rare records, to either put in their collection, play in their disc jockey set, or to reuse pieces of these records for their own collages or “beats”.

It’s all about the obscurity. The more obscure a record, the less people who will recognize it, and so, less chance you’ll get sued when you steal a nice portion of this record for your own little song. Even when you’re not looking for rarities for the last reason, you’ll be keen on finding rare vinyl to extract admiration from fellow crate diggers. Even when you are not keen on getting admiration from fellow diggers, you’ll be keen on receiving some selfindulgent kick from finding a record somebody else probably hasn’t found before. It’s pathetic.

The stupid thing is, they’re not making any new old records. So these old records are bound to run out.

I wouldn’t want anybody finding a particular old record I wanted to find… erh… Did I mention crate digging is very unhealthy? Actually, I can think of 13 reasons you shouldn’t go crate digging. Crate digging, don’t do it.

Projet personnel de l’artiste Stephan Glerum sur le Crate Digging. Ça me fait penser à certaines personnes de mon entourage… Voici la série de 13 images sur ce sujet:
P.S. Vous pouvez cliquer sur les images pour bien lire…


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2 réponses à “Crate Digging – don’t do it

  1. Your Pathetic! Crate digging is a sport. Nice illustrations though

    • Myriam

      Like I’ve already said a few times, irony and sarcasm; some people have trouble detecting it… But yes, Stepahn Glerum is a great artist and also a vinyl collector.

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