I don’t like you

-I don’t like you.
-You don’t like me?
-I don’t know.
-You can’t say such a thing with no reason.
-Why not?
-Because, you need a reason.
-I don’t have any.
-That’s not really nice.

-I’m sorry.
-Because I don’t like you.
-What’s wrong with me?
-I did something wrong?
-You can’t hate people just like that.
-That’s not my fault if I don’t like you.
-Then it’s mine?

-Can I kiss you?
-Can I give you a kiss?
-Why would you do this?
-Because it seems the right thing to do.
-But you don’t like me.
-Do I need to like you to give you a kiss?
-That’s what normal people do.

-Can I hold you hand?
-Ok, but don’t squeeze.
-Your hand is soft.
-Do you like me?
-It’s a difficult question.

-You’re crying?
– I am not.
-Yes you are.
-Then why do you ask?
-Why are you crying?
-You don’t care.
-What’s wrong?

-You smell good.
-You really do.
-Do you like me?

-I’m afraid of the dark.
-You are?
-Simple, leave the lights on.
-Because I don’t like you.
-Ok, then.
-Leave the lights on.

Parce que je pensais à Charlie. Parce qu’il parlait comme les personnages de Baricco. En anglais just because.


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